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Why is it better to be friendly in every text?



Surprisingly enough, the tone of voice or inner mood is the first thing that is felt in a text.


I wrote above that the trend today is openness. I haven't read anywhere about the tone of voice in a text, these are my own findings, although I don't rule out that there are materials about it. There are two poles on the internal mood scale: extreme hatred and extreme love.

On rare occasions they are worth using.



Still, openness is a higher priority.

My recommendation is to pay for papers be friendly.


There's a cool principle in scripture - treat people the way you want them to treat you. Be first, don't wait for the first step.


That's why friendliness always begets friendliness.


Now get to the point, I don't like theory without practice.

Friendliness in the text is:


  1. honesty (I seem to bore everyone with this topic) if the title says one thing, you should not give a little something else in the text. Don't write about things that aren't interesting, don't play the part, don't boast, don't lie to yourself.


  1. Write in a relaxed way. When a person is tense - he is anything, harsh, angry, aggressive, nostalgic, but not friendly. Relax. The universe seemed to function without you somehow 😉 ?


  1. be yourself. The advice is similar to the previous one, but the connotation is different. Don't wear a mask. Don't be sly, if you don't like the topic - don't write about it. Being yourself is harder than putting on a mask, but it's better for you.


4 Humor. It's always a good idea to crack a joke.

But don't force yourself - a made-up joke looks pathetic.

Laugh from the heart, buy dissertations it always pays off. By the way, uptight people and laugh uptight, and the text is difficult for them to joke.


  1. Give the reader the best.


Be friendly in every text. Well, except for descriptions of crimes against humanity, otherwise you'll be considered a sadist and a maniac 😉


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