Here you’ll find a collection of interviews, articles, and guest spots featuring Steve (me!).


Live Reading from The Wings of Ashtaroth on Katherine D. Graham’s Youtube Channel (Video)

Short Reading from The Erstwhile Tyler Kyle on “Unveiling Nightmares”

Interviews and Guest Spots:

Pitch Wars 2018 Interview with both me and K. A. Doore about Ash, Oak, and Thorn for the Pitch Wars Blog

Guest Appearance on “The Queer Corner” on The Fictional Escapist (video)

Dark Fantasy Live Chat with Katherine D. Graham, Chris Mayne, and J. K. Divia (Video)

Lynn’s Books & the Critiquing Chemist SPFBO Discussion with Katherine D. Graham & Brien Feathers (Video)

Interview by Rune S. Nielsen (Print)

Unveiling Nightmares Interview by Crystal Bynam (Audio)

Shelf Builders Podcast with Dustin Porta (Video)

The Picky Bookworm Chat with Pamela (Audio)

Interview by Sue Bavey (Print)

Interview by Raina Nightingale (Print)

The Erstwhile Tyler Kyle Cover Reveal and Feature – Before We Go Blog (Print)

Articles and Guest Features:

“What is a Monster?” for The Tiny Elf Arcanist (Print)

“Reflections on Queerness in SFFH and The Wings of Ashtaroth” for JamReads (Print)


The Erstwhile Tyler Kyle – Scott Roche, TikTok

The Erstwhile Tyler Kyle – Paul, Queen’s Book Asylum

The Erstwhile Tyler Kyle – Esmay Rosalyne, Before We Go Blog

The Erstwhile Tyler KyleGettinglost.Ina.Book, Instagram

The Erstwhile Tyler Kyle – Jamedi, JamReads

The Erstwhile Tyler Kyle – Sue Bavey

The Erstwhile Tyler Kyle – Bookaholic Reviews

The Wings of Ashtaroth – SPFBO9 Elimination Post, The Critiquing Chemist

The Wings of Ashtaroth – Raina Nightingale